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Astrological Society Endorsement

The American Society of Astrology (ASA)  endorses ChangeSign.org

Dear Dr. Franklin Marshall Ph.D.,

I have read your preliminary report of the “Change Your Zodiac Sign” concept. After reviewing your research and documentation, I am satisfied with the thoroughness of your investigation into the Axis Bang Theory and conclusions derived from it. I look forward to your presentation at the ASA board meeting next Friday.

You may put me on record as wholeheartedly endorsing your proposal. It is an excellent solution for addressing the obvious Horoscope problems created by the June 1908 meteor, which struck the Earth in the Russian forests of Tunguska, Siberia. As you know, this meteor strike had roughly 1000 times more power than the Hiroshima bomb and caused a permanent shift in the alignment of the Earth’s axis and Zodiac charts worldwide. Surprisingly, most people are not even aware that this event ever happened.

Dr. Marshall, I hope many people will take advantage of your amazing humanitarian service and will decide to change their lives in a positive way.


Dr. Omar Garzac

President, American Society of Astrology

Endorsement from Antonia Lamb

Renowned Astrologer, Recording Artist, and Radio Personality

"For over 40 years, I have been a consulting astrologer. Based in Northern California, I have counseled thousands of clients all over the world (the U.S, the U.K., Europe & Australia.) I have written many articles and columns about astrology for newspapers, magazines & almanacs. I also write a monthly Cozmic Weather Report for subscribers and have a last-Wed.-of-the-month radio show kmud.org).

In all my time of studying and practicing this ancient art of astrology, I have had a number of clients who would definitely have benefited from a different horoscope. At the very least, they needed a change of sign. I find this concept of 'changing your sign' very appealing indeed! Especially, because when you change your Sun sign, you effectively change your outlook, which changes your destiny!. This can create a very positive energy for those who need it most!

Thanks for this simple and enjoyable solution to a world problem!"


Antonia Lamb,

Mendocino CA (antonialamb.com)

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